Deer Talisman




The carving is made from 2 sides of an avocado stone. Hand-carved with love, its vibrant colours are naturally occurring and it is protected with hemp oil and plant-derived resin. The connecting ring is solid sterling silver.

Although I may have some concept of the totem I am to carve, I have no set vision of its eventual appearance. When carving the totem I feel my way through its creation, ideas and connections come channelling through. Like many of my carvings, there is an indigenous feel to the work, with elements of Sanskrit, Native American and Maori culture.

The carving portrays strength but also gentleness. The antlers cradle the sun, sensuous serpentine lines flow through the carving an expression of earthly energies and empowerment. The deer has the ability to move through life and obstacles with grace, being in touch with the inner child and innocence. The deer has a penetrating third eye able to see through illusions
being both sensitive and intuitive/ The has a Magical ability to regenerate, being in touch with life’s mysteries.


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