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Those 3 Kings knew a thing or 3. Bringing their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Today, except for the gold, they may seem like bizarre gifts but at the time of the birth of Christ, they were some of the most expensive and prized items.

There was good reason for this high value, Frankincense and myrrh have effective anti-ageing properties.  As well as anti-bacterial, viral and fungal properties.


The incense that is burned in a church is usually Frankincense for the reason it is believed that it attracts positive spiritual energy. Myrrh also possesses similar powerful qualities.

The gold in the cream is not the precious metal but the treasured nectar of the bees. Not just the honey but the wax as well. Sourced from organic hives to maximise its effectiveness.

Along with these 3 magical ingredients, there is hemp oil whose skin nourishing and nurturing qualities are increasingly being appreciated by its growing admirers.

The cream is similar to that which the Kings and Queens of Ancient Egypt referred to as immortality cream and indeed it has powerful anti-ageing and moisturising effects but not only this it is a great all-round cream that could be of use to the whole family.

I personally use this against athletes foot and other fungal infections and it can also be effective against skin breakouts and nappy rash, although be sure that your baby is not sensitive to bee products.

Other uses can include Massage Balm, Makeup remover, hand and cuticle cream, aftershave, lip balm, and tattoo aftercare.  I  have even put on my hair as an effective hair conditioner.

It can even be applied as a thick layer allowed to sink to the skin in for 30 minutes as a deeply rejuvenating and nourishing face mask. with any excess removed after this relaxing treatment with a hot cloth.

As would be expected from Bee3’s values everything in this product is 100% natural with no additives, preservatives, fragrances, chemicals or parabens. If you have previously been using skin creams derived from the by-products of oil refining, where essentially you have been putting plastic on your face you may find the consistency of this product a little different. With time you will come to appreciate its natural formula that works with your own nature.

Postal costs are included in the price, so you don’t need to worry about getting a shock at the checkout. The jar is 60 mg.




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    This is a premium cream of the finest ingredients that really made a big difference to my skincare routine. This product really is so versatile and I am discovering new uses all the time.

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