Alex Grey

Alex Grey is an American artist known for his unique style of visionary art, which incorporates elements of spirituality, science, and human anatomy. His work often depicts the human body in intricate detail, showing the physical and spiritual systems of the body in a way that is both scientific and mystical.

Grey’s art is heavily influenced by his own experiences with altered states of consciousness, including the use of psychedelics and meditation. He believes that art can be a tool for exploring the inner workings of the human mind and that by depicting the human body in such detail, he can reveal the interconnectedness of all things and the underlying unity of the universe.

Alex Grey The Sacred Mirrors

One of Grey’s most famous works is “The Sacred Mirrors,” a series of large-scale paintings that depict the human body in various states of consciousness, from the physical to the spiritual. These works are often displayed in a circular arrangement, creating a meditative and transformative environment for the viewer.

Grey has also collaborated with a number of musicians, creating album art and stage designs for artists such as Tool, Nirvana, and the Beastie Boys. His artwork has been featured in numerous exhibitions around the world, and he has published several books on his art and philosophy.

In addition to his own work, Grey has also been an advocate for visionary art more broadly, co-founding the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting visionary art and culture. Through his art and advocacy, Grey has helped to establish visionary art as a respected and influential genre within the contemporary art world.

Grey’s interest in Buddhism has also infused into his works, particularly his exploration of the nature of consciousness and the interconnectedness of all things. His artwork often includes depictions of deities and symbols from various Buddhist traditions, and he has described his art as a way of exploring the deeper truths of existence that are often hidden beneath the surface of everyday life.

Grey has also been involved in various Buddhist communities and organizations, including the Zen Center of New York City and the Tibet House in New York. He has collaborated with a number of Buddhist teachers and scholars, and has spoken publicly about the importance of integrating art and spirituality in contemporary culture.

Alex Grey, “Net of Being” (2002–2020), oil and linen