These Avocado Carving Talismans are created with love. Magical objects that have been imbued with an energy that can be an ally and comfort through life’s journey. Most people no longer wear jewellery or possess objects with a belief in the positive energy that they hold. In times gone past it was a major consideration in connecting one’s self to an amulet or talisman. Volumes of books have been written about the creation and suitable choosing of a talisman and there are many different approaches. I have incorporated many perspectives although I aspire to simplicity and avoid over-complication. The technique is that the divine works through me rather than I create the divine.

I start the Avocado carving talismans with an empty mind or just a rough idea of what they will become. I tap into an unconscious meditation which channels through the form and energy of the Talisman. The divine flows through me into the objects that impart in them a connection that can enable the wearer to have courage on their path with heart. Often the subsequent suggested form of the avocado carving will connect with events I am experiencing in my life, enabling me to make symbolic connections

Why Carve Avocado Stones?

I particularly like carving the stone of avocados as it is taking something that is normally thrown away. Of course, this avocado stone had incredible power and potential that could have become a majestic and fruitful tree. A carving can never match that magic of creation, but recycling and turning it into something beautiful gives some homage to the divine spark that is within the stone. For me, there is a magic in this, like the alchemy of turning lead into gold.

Most of the colours are naturally occurring and you will see tremendous variation from one avocado carving to another. This is part of the joy and occasional frustration of carving them as you never quite know what colour will emerge after the drying and carving process. Occasionally I will partly stain the carving for consistency with stains that were used by Japanese samurai for their sacred ritual objects. Although, for the most part, nearly all carvings have naturally occurring colours with just an oil and natural resin finish to protect them.

If you are wondering why I am associating animal-like anthropomorphic creatures with Cherubs and not chubby babies, please watch this excellent short video