Health and Beauty products

As a teenager growing up in Sheffield in the 1980s I came to believe that the chemicals in commercially available soaps, shampoos and creams were poisons. I have no idea where this idea came from because there was no exploration of this in the media or amongst my friends. In Sheffield, at this time there were no real natural alternatives like we see today.

This was genuinely one of the reasons that set me off on my travels and over the years I garnered much knowledge of various natural cleansing and soothing plants and their medicinal properties. From Europeans living in traditional ways as well as those in the Middle East, Asia and the Americas, often learning from indigenous people.

Increasingly there is data and science that backs up the instinct that I had, although the powerful Petro-chemical industry has invested millions attempting to hide this reality from the public, through lobbying and funding deceptive studies.

Bee3 products have evolved over many years and used some of the finest ingredients, organically sourced wherever possible. There effectiveness springs from a spiritual as well as material action.