Life Coaching

If you are looking to be told what to do with your life, we are probably not for you. Inspiring rather than pushing we dive into the heart of the matter, instilling confidense and connecting to your essense where you can find your own voice to follow. We offer holistic spiritual life guidance  helping you manifest your life to its full potential ,transforming on a deeper level.

As well as modern psychological tools we do incorporate ancient divining techniques. Divining not in the sense of crude fortune telling but connecting with your divine purpose. The word Wyrd used to mean one’s fate. The wyrding way was to live your destiny, of course in time the meaning as well as the spelling became corrupted.

 Now to be weird has other connotations and peoples fear of being weird is taking them away from themselves. We aim to be able to  help you instill a confidence to return to your divine path. A realisation of individualisation in the Jungian sense.

Although we endeavour to help you realise your spiritual potential we aim to keep your feet firmly on the ground helping you overcome limiting behaviour and habits, energized to work towards realistic and achievable goals.

We begin with an initial online consultation whereby to begin with I request that you do not communicate any of your issues that you feel that you face. I will do a cold reading to see what is revealed and how that connects with the issues that you feel that you face. We can then endeavour to find solutions and a path forward.

I do charge for this initial consultation as it involves a great energy investment on my part and to make sure that clients are serious about the session. Many people will find greater clarity and sense of direction from this consultation without needing further help and guidance from me. You may decide that you would like to work on issues further but I will endeavour to make you aware of other alternatives. Click on image below to book reading.