Magical Passes and Tensegrity Videos

Magical Passes and Tensegrity are powerful practices that can help you connect with your inner being and the universe at large. These practices were developed by Carlos Castaneda, who claimed to have studied under the guidance of Don Juan Matus, a legendary Yaqui Indian sorcerer.

It is believed that through these movements, postures, and breathing techniques, you can tap into the flow of energy that surrounds us all and unlock new levels of awareness. As you explore the depths of your being and the mysteries of the universe, you’ll discover a sense of connection and wonder that transcends the mundane world.

On this webpage, we invite you to explore a collection of videos that demonstrate different Magical Passes and Tensegrity exercises. Each movement is designed to awaken your senses and connect you with the universe in a unique way. As you practice, you’ll begin to feel a sense of unity with all things, and you’ll discover new depths of spiritual insight and understanding.

So join us on this mystical journey and let the power of Magical Passes and Tensegrity guide you towards a deeper sense of purpose and fulfilment. Let’s begin!

Carlos Castaneda

Magical Passes Unbending Intent

Tensegrity vol 2

4:40 1-9 Movements
10:58 1. A Structure Made out of Energy
13:38 2. The Seers’ Window
17:50 3. Rallying Dispersed Energy
19:48 4. Piercing the Two Columns of Energy
23:25 5. Awakening the Center of Feeling
26:51 6. Transferring Energy to the Assemblage Point
33:12 7. Bringing Energy Down from Above the Head to Three Different Areas on the Front Part of the Body
38:58 8. Pulling and Wrapping the Internal Fibers of Energy
45:18 9. The Stellar Hatch
53:03 1-9 Movements

Tensegrity Vol 3

4:16 1-8 Movements
14:22 1. Opening Oneself to Intent
18:50 2. Pouring Intent into Two Pouches of the Body
24:05 3. Breaking the Alignment of the Left and Right Bodies
27:01 4. Realigning the Left and Right Bodies
29:55 5. Stabbing Energy in Search of a New Position of the Assemblage Point
37:39 6. Preparing to Cross Over
46:19 7. The Butterfly
56:55 8. The Female and Male Winged Being
1:15:59 1-8 Movements